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Three Key Questions for Mortgage Originator Survival  (August 6, 2008)
You are in the mortgage origination business during one of the most adverse mortgage
environments for buyers we've seen in a long time. As credit standards tighten and financial
markets wrestle with losses and bad press, your ability to build trust, help the home buyer
understand fewer and changing options, and obtain an affordable mortgage, has never been
more critical. How can mortgage originators not only survive this market, but achieve new
levels of success? Now is the time to reflect on ways to adopt new strategies and tactics to
make sure you can be as successful as possible.

Measuring Training’s Value: Metrics Lite  (December 21, 2006)
Being a sales consulting and training company, clients and prospects often ask if we can
measure the impact of our training, and occasionally whether we can guarantee increased
sales. While we have confidence in our consulting, instructional design and facilitation abilities,
and understand the importance of these questions from both management and training
perspectives, quantifying training’s impact can be a slippery slope for any training company.

Coaching for Success: It’s the How, Not the What  (December 19, 2006)
Most Sales Managers agree that the majority of salespeople will achieve their sales goals if
they follow a focused and disciplined sales process combined with flawlessly executed
consultative sales skills. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of evidence to suggest that Sales
Managers are providing direction and feedback on anything but the sales process (“what to
do/not to do” - goals, priorities, reports, etc.), leaving salespeople isolated to figure out “the
how to” execute the process using their existing sales strategies and skills.

A New Way of Life in the Call Center: From Service to Sales  (December 12, 2006)
We know it can be difficult for many Call Center employees to successfully make the transition
from skills needed to handle routine customer requests, questions, and problems to proactive
sales skills, the ability to quickly identify customer needs and offer differentiated product
solutions. While some are adjusting to their new responsibilities, it's been an unwelcome and
frustrating change for many, with some employees unable to meet challenging sales goals.

Sales Sight: Open Eyes  (November 28, 2006)
The failure to "see" is one of the most lethal sales pitfalls. It causes sales people to miss
targets completely, hit targets by accident, or somehow lose sight of targets altogether. Last
summer I had a lesson on "seeing" that in many respects relates to the topic of selling and how
we develop as sales professionals.
High performing salespeople and sales managers are constantly looking for
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higher success levels. They know that sales complacency is enemy #1. Our
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enhance sales skills and lead to breakthrough sales results.
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