We believe that most outstanding salespeople are not born, but developed
by combining their natural talent with skills. Our business is grounded on the
principle that most salespeople can increase their sales effectiveness and
results through self-awareness, sales skill training and coaching.
Our experience working with thousands of salespeople underscores the need for ongoing  self-
assessment combined with performance coaching. It is tragic when a salesperson's failure to
achieve expected results or meet his/her own expectations is preventable. Breakthrough
performance is about making sure sales managers and salespeople develop:
  • Self-awareness, self-critique and coaching in order to recognize the root causes that
    prevent them from reaching their next level of sales effectiveness and beyond.
  • Strategies and selling skills to exceed their goals and achieve breakthrough performance.
To help sales people get to the next level, we examine critical performance factors and link
training to those factors. Critical factors include the salesperson's ability to:
  • Leverage product and industry knowledge to bring thought leadership to clients.
  • Develop and execute effective client acquisition, expansion and retention strategies.
  • Demonstrate successful needs based selling skills.
  • Execute strategic relationships and sales tactics, including preparation and follow-up
  • Demonstrate market management and pipeline sales management disciplines.
  • Set and achieve realistic and bold sales goals and results.
  • Manage tough objections.
  • Gain access to key decision makers.
  • Ask for the business at the highest commitment level.
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A wise man will make more
opportunities than he finds.
- Francis Bacon
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