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Sales within Call Centers are a key strategy for businesses looking to drive
revenues and sustain customer loyalty. Transforming inbound calls into sales
and cross selling opportunities, handling objections and closing sales is
challenging, even for even for the most experienced and talented Call Center
Representative. High performance sales in Call Centers require not only the
I want to do this mind-set, but sales techniques that are natural, integrated
with technology, and customer focused, not manipulative.
Core Call Center Sales Training Seminar Topics
  • The Call Center Sales Perspective: Six Critical Success Factors
  • Cross Selling and Up Selling Techniques and Strategies
  • Transitioning from Service to Sales
  • Handling Objections and Difficult Customers: Strategies and Tactics
  • Guided Steps: The Customer Focused Sales Process
  • Breakthrough Skills: Questioning, Listening, Initiating
  • The Subtle Art of Telephone Persuasion
  • Closing Sales at the Highest Commitment
Additional Call Center Training Seminar Topics
  • Following Up to Close Business
  • Managing the Sales Pipeline
Call Center Tools
  • Sales Self-Assessment
  • Guided Scripts (Inbound and Outbound)
  • Sales Dashboard Reinforcement Tool
Who Should Attend?
  • Call Center Representatives
  • Call Center Managers
  • Sales Directors Managers
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The reps have been using
the dashboard you created
for them. They love it. I can
hear them catching
themselves saying
something the old way and
correcting themselves
mid-sentence. I have heard
more open ended questions
being used. I have heard
them checking in with the
prospects to gain
agreement. Very promising
start. Needs to be reinforced
with monitoring, coaching
and additional training.

- Call Center Manager

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