Efficient and Effective Tools and Methodologies
Curriculum Development
We have the capability to develop entire sales and sales management training curricula, or
supplement a client’s existing curricula, with customized, market-driven sales training seminars.
We ensure training meets the organization's vision and goals, and that the training processes,
materials, tools and methodologies are part of an integrated, organizational framework.
Customized, Skill-Based, Highly Interactive Training Seminars
We strongly believe that for training to be successful, it must be highly relevant, hands-on and
provide immediate feedback. Accordingly, our seminars are not “off-the-shelf,” ”one size fits
all.”  Our hallmark is our ability to understand each client's specific needs, markets, challenges
and culture, and then customize our skill-based
sales training seminars and challenging case
studies to address them. The majority of our training seminar time is devoted to skill practice,
not theory or lecture. Our realistic role plays and critique/feedback (we believe adults learn
best by doing and experiencing the consequences of their actions) will develop participant skills
and achieve
breakthrough sales results.
Training Needs Analysis
Our design process begins with focused, but brief, interviews with high performing salespeople
and key management. We will gain market and sales insights, skill challenges, priorities and
best practices for use in developing relevant
case study situations.  We are experts at
uncovering root causes of sales performance problems and building skill-based
sales training
seminars to overcome them. Our needs assessment will  give us a clear picture of what is
causing performance discrepancies (gaps between what salespeople are doing and what they
ought to be doing).
Train-the-Trainer Options
Our client’s in-house trainers and non-trainers can learn how to effectively deliver our programs
through "train-the-trainers.” We provide comprehensive Facilitator's Guides, facilitation skills
training and coaching to ensure participants are prepared to confidently and independently
deliver the content as well as the skill practice activities. Participants will achieve the following
  • Understand the content, training process and timing of the program.
  • Demonstrate how to deliver the curriculum content and apply skill-based exercises and
    adult learning facilitation techniques.
  • Understand and advocate a needs-based relationship approach.
  • Be open to developmental coaching.
  • Recognize that sales development is a life-long process.
Training Evaluation and Measurement
We are able to develop pre and post-training evaluation and measurement instruments to
ensure achievement of learning objectives and successful application of knowledge and skill in
the real world.
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I just wanted to say thanks
again for your awesome
teaching/coaching style.
Over the last couple of days,
I learned things that I can
use for the rest of my life that
will ensure my continued
success both here at the bank
and personally. I gained a
wealth of lifetime and
invaluable information.

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