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Realistic and Challenging Case Studies and Role Plays
Sales skill development is more likely to occur during training seminars when
salespeople practice new processes and behaviors and get immediate feedback.
Accordingly, 90% of our sales training seminars are built around customized skill
practice, case studies and role plays. They are designed to reflect our clients'
strategies and products, and simulate realistic selling situations.
Our case studies are developed from focused interviews with high performing salespeople and
managers. Our custom design methodology allows us to develop industry-specific case studies.
They provide the real-life situations from which we craft skill-based role plays with market,
product and situational nuances and challenges.
All attendees participate in challenging skill practice using specific background information. We
develop Strategic Planners that create strategic and tactical approaches for the sales call and
help focus on specific objectives and outcomes. During the role plays, we use process and skill
critique sheets, and immediate coaching to ensure behavioral change. Our feedback is direct,
specific and includes skill strengths as well as areas for improvement.
While we specialize in banking and financial services, we have diverse capabilities to support
the sales training needs of any industry. Examples of industries and specialties that we have
created case studies for include:
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Corporate, Middle Market, and Small Business
  • Retail Banking
  • Mortgage Banking
  • Private Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Inbound  and Outbound Customer Service and Sales
  • Insurance
  • Property and Casualty
  • Pharmaceutical Care
  • Inside and Field Representatives
  • Group Health Club Provider
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