Building and Sustaining High-Performance Sales Teams
This training seminar builds skill in leading one-on-one and team coaching skills.
Its primary objective is to leverage the role of the sales manager, a pivotal
player in creating a performance culture, and ensuring the sales team effectively
executes its sales plan. A major area of focus of the seminar is coaching
average sales performers to achieve outstanding performance.
Core Topics
  • Breakthrough Sales Coaching: The Motivation and Skill Relationship
  • Appropriate Sales Coaching Opportunities
  • Plan to Coach: Feedforward and Feedback
  • What to Coach – Uncovering Root Causes of Average Performance
  • How to Lead a One-on-One Coaching Dialogue
  • How to Coach in a Team Meeting
  • Building the Coaching Relationship
  • Sustaining Coaching Impact
Additional Coaching Modules
  • When Coaching is Not Effective: The Next Step
  • Coaching “Star Performers”
  • Coaching Below Average Performers
Who Should Attend?
  • Executive Sales Leadership
  • Sales Managers
  • Team Leaders
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A good leader inspires others with confidence in him; a
great leader inspires them with confidence in themselves.
- Unknown
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I want to compliment Cathy
for her hard work and
dedication, to both the
program and to our class.
There could not have been
a more positive role model
to coach us during this
process. She respected our
thoughts and ideas as
trainers and participants
and provided us with the
right amount of information
we needed to become
comfortable with this
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