Please complete a brief training request questionnaire. It will help provide us
information that will enable us to best address your needs.
Our sales training seminars are not "off-the-shelf," "one size fits all." We customize our core
programs to focus on our client's specific and unique needs, issues, challenges and markets.
Accordingly, it is not always possible to initially answer questions regarding deliverables,
implementation and/or pricing. We suggest that you share with us some specifics that will help
us gain an initial understanding of your situation and determine how our capabilities can best
address your needs
After completing the questionnaire, we would be available to conduct a brief "needs" discussion
to ensure our understanding is on target. This will also give your company the opportunity to
ask us questions. Following the call, if you would like to proceed, we would then submit a
preliminary training proposal; including deliverables, implementation recommendations,
references and pricing.
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