Transforming "Order Takers" to High Sales Performers
High performing Mortgage Loan Originators were recognized and rewarded for
their availability and responsiveness during the mortgage refinance boom, as
homeowners scrambled to refinance. When the refinance boom crested in 2003,
purchase activity started its climb to record levels. Many Mortgage Loan
Originators began to struggle with how to re-focus and succeed in a
predominantly purchase market, where competition is fierce and loyalties fickle.
Current Sales Challenge
Many Mortgage Loan Originators still continue to depend on their existing book of business for
new opportunities, waiting for “loyal customers” or referral sources to call. The phone is ringing,
but for rate and fee inquiries, not new business opportunities.
Our experience reveals that Mortgage Loan Originators receive a tremendous amount of
product, technical and compliance training, but little, if any, business development and sales
skills training. To succeed in the record breaking 2005 purchase market and beyond, it is
essential that Mortgage Loan Originators increase their market planning and sales disciplines.
Questions to Consider for Your Mortgage Team
  • What are the purchase market's implication on Mortgage Loan Officers' market management
    and sales execution strategies?
  • How are Mortgage Loan Officers leveraging new market opportunities in loans for move ups,
    investment properties, new home construction, and referrals from builders and top
  • How successful are the Mortgage Loan Officers who entered the industry during the refinance
    boom in gaining new opportunities from top referral sources?
  • How can Mortgage Loan Officers gain competitive sales planning and execution skills?
The Bluestar Group LLC's Solution
To address this critical training need, we offer a comprehensive and integrated sales and sales
management curriculum that transforms Mortgage Loan Originators from “order takers” to high
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