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Core Topics
  • Management and Leadership
  • Sales Management Process: Building Accountability
  • Recruitment Challenges, Strategies and Best Practices
  • The Mortgage Loan Officer Interview Process
  • Coaching and Developing Mortgage Loan Officers
  • The Impact of Coaching on Sales Performance
  • Diagnosing Sales Performance Needs: A Critical Coaching Skill
  • Coaching Solutions for Skill and Motivation
  • Leading Productive and Inspiring Sales Meetings
Additional Sales Modules
Who Should Attend?
  • Mortgage Sales Managers
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This one-day sales training seminar provides Mortgage Sales Managers with the
sales leadership and management strategies and skills to recruit high performing
Mortgage Loan Originators, manage the sales pipeline, model best practices and
provide ongoing developmental feedback and coaching. Mortgage Sales
Managers will leave the course with powerful tools and skills to increase
predictability and production.