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Advanced Mortgage Sales Skills
This half-day workshop sales training seminar develops Mortgage Loan
Originators ability to negotiate competitive fees and rates for mortgages while
developing “trusted advisor” relationships and achieving profit goals. Mortgage
Loan Originators will learn strategic planning and collaborative communication
strategies to build long-term, valuable relationships. Real life situations reflecting
the client’s markets, challenges and strategies are used, as are extensive role
plays, skill practices and coaching. Mortgage Loan Originators will leave the
course with tactical skills to successfully manage diverse and challenging
negotiation situations.
Core Topics
  • Selling and Negotiating: Gaining Perspective and Major Negotiating Concerns
  • Biggest Mistakes Made During Negotiating
  • Know Your Deal, Know Your Strategy
  • The Critical Skills for Negotiating and Influencing
  • Tips for Managing and Resolving Fee or Price Objections
Additional Sales Modules
Who Should Attend?
  • Mortgage Loan Originators
  • Mortgage Sales Managers
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