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Advanced Mortgage Sales Skills
This half-day sales training seminar focuses on best practices and practical
techniques for targeting prospects and referral sources. Training focuses on
practical skills for planning and leading effective and productive telephone and
one on one sales calls with targeted prospects and referral sources. Mortgage
Loan Originators practice sales strategies and calls on their real-life situations,
resulting in higher confidence, commitment and results.
Core Topics
  • Five Key Strategies for Developing COIs
  • When and How to Ask for a Referral
  • Prospecting Call Elements and Powerful Prospecting Call Skills
  • Types of Value Statements and Examples
  • Objection Resolution Process and Skills
  • Suggested Responses to Telephone Objections
  • Gatekeeper Strategies
  • Top Five Strategies for Achieving a Prospecting Discipline
Additional Sales Modules
Who Should Attend?
  • Mortgage Loan Officers
  • Mortgage Sales Managers
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