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This sales training seminar is designed to optimize go to market strategies by
ensuring sales people effectively gain more appointments with prospects and
clients and deepen relationships. Marketing letters, prospecting by phone skills,
voice mail, email, gatekeepers, and follow up strategies are addressed through
sales skill practice exercises and feedback.
Core Topics
  • Build Quality Leads and Manage the Sales Pipeline
  • Gain Appointments for Quality Sales Calls
  • Develop Persuasive Letters
  • Execute a Repeatable, Client Centered Sales Process
  • Demonstrate Five Skills for Gaining Prospect Creditability and Trust
  • Develop Customized Telephone Approaches
  • Manage Gatekeepers, Voice Mail, Email
  • Manage Rejection and Objections
  • Prospecting Tips: Getting Past "No"
Who Should Attend?
  • Small Business, Middle Market, Corporate Relationship Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Marketing/Product Managers
  • Call Center Sales Representatives
Phone: (215)966-1574   Fax: (866)469-6993
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to another with no loss of enthusiasm.
- Winston Churchill
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