Building Trusted Client Relationships
This sales training seminar is based on criteria clients use to determine the
value they receive from sales people. Clients value sales people who bring
advice, thought leadership, ideas and differentiated value to the table. Strategic
Sales Dialogue instills a repeatable sales process and builds sales skills for
achieving a "trusted advisor" relationship to win, develop and retain business.
Core Topics
  • "Trusted Advisor" Defined
  • Leverage the Value Proposition
  • Prepare Strategically for Long Term Relationships
  • A Repeatable, Client Centered Sales Process
  • Five Skills to Build Client Dialogue
  • Needs Based Questioning: Strategies and Skills
  • Managing Sales Resistance and Resolving Objections
  • Persuasion: Speak from the Client's Perspective
  • Close at the Highest Commitment Level
Additional Sales Modules
  • Pipeline Management
  • Building and Leveraging Referral Sources
  • Expanding Relationships
  • Cross Selling the Organization's Full Capabilities
  • Managing Sales Time and Energy for High Performance
Who Should Attend?
  • Sales Professionals
  • Sales Managers
  • Sales Executives
  • Relationship Managers
  • Sales Support
Phone: (215)966-1574   Fax: (866)469-6993
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A dialogue is more than two monologues.
- Max M. Kampelman
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