The Bluestar Group Solution: Comprehensive Sales Training Seminars
That Meet Client Expectations and Business Objectives
Our approaches to increasing sales effectiveness and productivity are not the same old sales
training. Our sales training seminars and
case studies are customized to arm sales managers
and salespeople with the strategies, tactics and sales skills needed to succeed in real client and
prospect situations. We work with companies to build repeatable processes that tackle complex
sales issues and obstacles. Our methodologies of experiential learning and coaching create
immediate and long-term behavioral change.
Sales Management and Sales Leadership Seminars and Workshops
Skill Development Sales Training Seminars and Workshops
Specialized Sales and Sales Management Seminars and Workshops
Please note: We do not offer public seminars. Our core training programs are tailored to address the specific issues, challenges
and markets of each client. This client centered focus, combined with our hands on, feedback based delivery, ensures training
that's extremely relevant and real. We doubt that our success could be duplicated by a public seminar.
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People don't care how much you know,
until they know how much you care.
- John C. Maxwell
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Thank you for the great job
you did presenting the
course material. I really
enjoyed your approach to
Business-to-Business Selling.
Several techniques you used
helped emphasize points and
make the class real for us.
Also I appreciated how you
got everyone involved in the
class which helped me gain
a little something from
everyone. Lastly, your role
plays were challenging and
helped elevate our skills.

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Clients choose The Bluestar Group to support their goals to:
  • Increase market share of high-quality clients.
  • Retain high-quality clients and build customer loyalty.
  • Cross sell the organization's products and services.
  • Increase profits and shareholder value.
  • Build the organization's value proposition in the market place.
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Today's clients are more demanding, less patient, and have greater expectations
than before. As a result, salespeople experience more resistance to price and
fees, tougher product objections, longer more complex sales cycles and fewer
opportunities to differentiate, while being challenged with higher sales goals, and
fewer internal resources.

Salespeople either turn to their sales managers for help or employ the sales
tactics they have always used. Experience tells us that both efforts are often
ineffective. Sales managers either don’t know what tactical advice to give or how
to coach salespeople to develop their skills, while salespeople continue to
struggle with the same obstacles repeatably because their old habits and skills
prove ineffective.